2009 Modesto Criterium

Modesto Criterium
Modesto, CA
Weather: like 110 degrees. seriously.
Teammates: James Badia, Rob Macneill, Matt Beebe
Place: 8th of ~60

Full Results

I should not have even been at this race. I am supposed to be locked up in a room with books and papers and equations and pain and suffering, studying for my PhD qualifying exam.

Nevertheless, I am addicted to bike racing and so, on a whim, I loaded my car and drove out to Modesto on a record-setting hot day. This was a pretty standard downtown course (though the downtown course is rapidly becoming a scarcity): 6 corners with a TON of botts dots. Not super windy, but really hot.

Those who know me can guess how the race went.

Flurry of attacks, breakaway sticks with me and 9 other guys. We all roll around for a while yelling at each other to ‘pull through’ and ‘dont be sissies’ and to ‘hold your line idiot’ and ‘we’re gonna get caught’ and ‘you have three teammates so you best start pulling’ and ‘seriously, stop clipping your pedal moron’ and pretty much every combination of the above.

2 laps to go, we are still away but in jeopardy of being caught. I start cramping and cannot get out of the saddle. I feebly attempt to attack, which looks pathetic when you are unable to stand up or even pedal smoothly. Going into the final sprint, I pretend like I have something left in hopes that it will intimidate my break-mates into handing me the win. Alas, they called my bluff and I got rocked. I finished 8th out of 10 breakmates.

I am going to implement a new system whereby I assess my performance with letter grades:

Finish Position: D
Tactics: C-
Style: F
Overall: FAIL.

Good thing I am in school for something else besides bike racing…

Thanks for reading!

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