Race Reports

Herein lies a collection of race reports from my cycling career. Originally inspired by a mandate from my team management, these reports have become an almost-enjoyable, meditative experience for me.


Golden State Circuit Race (5th)

Modesto Criterium (2nd)

PG&E Criterium (3rd)

UCSC Pacific Grove Criterium (1st)

Apple Pie Criterium (5th)

Hippstar Menlo Park Grand Prix (2nd)

Land Park Criterium (1st)

Merced Criterium (7th)


Chico Downtown Criterium (2nd)

Suisun Harbor Criterium (1st)

Dunnigan Hills Road Race (3rd)

Albany Criterium (8th)

Watsonville Criterium (2nd)

Lodi Criterium (5th)

Benicia Criterium (9th)

2-Wheel Criterium (1st)

ICCC Dash for Cash (3rd)

Joseph Mendes Criterium (5th)

Modesto Criterium (8th)

Cal Aggie Criterium (4th)

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