Pescadero Live Blog #3



Well…there’s currently a break of six(ish) riders up the road in the P/1/2/3 race. Cal Giant has Jesse Moore and Sam Pickman in the move along with Keith Hillier (Marc Pro – Strava) and Brian Buchholz (Webcor) and a couple other guys I isn’t recognize including a Yahoo? rider.

I don’t know what kind of amateury field lets Moore get into a move and gives him 4 minutes, cause that’s dangerous. I asked Moore how he was feeling and he just gave me a death stare.

Clearly Pickman is in the move for comedic relief; he’ll probably crash himself out on the climb and parts will start falling off his bike and all the spectators will laugh. Brian Buchholz is about as good a climber as…me…so…good call on putting him in the move, Webcor.

The second picture on this post depicts Nate English (Yahoo?)
soft pedaling and still dropping guys in the feed zone. Or maybe he was attacking in the feed zone because he’s just realized that Moore us going to win the race by 5 minutes. I can’t imagine anyone being so callous as to attack in the feed zone…

Stastny has not been dropped yet…next lap for sure. He just turned 21 today, so it’s been rumored that his Cytomax is spiked with vodka. Happy Birthday Staz.

6 responses to “Pescadero Live Blog #3

  1. You don’t recognize Jim Wengert (Yahoo!).

  2. Never thought I would be looking to this blog for race updates. I’m sure we’ll find out in the next day or 2 who won.

  3. Hilarious — be sure to heckle.

  4. DUDE! only 3 entries? That’s all you can do??
    you’d better heckling dropped riders in your BIG PINK costume.

    • that’s only because he refuses to tweet at races….what was it he called it…’Twatchery’? ah yes….he should just give up this live blogging at races thing and realize that Twatchery is really the only way to do ‘live’ race reporting. However, that doesn’t mean he should stop blogging.

  5. I only crash in parking lots.

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