Look What I Found

I had no idea my custom trading cards would be collectible, but I’m sure the value of this particular specimen has been greatly increased by the addition of a genuine Pat Briggs autograph.

This Ebay auction of an “Authentic Patrick Briggs Signature Cycling Trading Card” is sure to finally settle the question we’ve all been wondering: how much is Pat Briggs worth?

The text description of the trading card in question is worth transcription.

“Pat has over 12 1st place finishes, 44 top 10 placings since winning the USPRO/UCSF Criterium Championships in 2006. Patrick Briggs wins bike races. He is an accomplished road cycling racer, track cycling racer, mountain bike racer and BMX racer. NCNCA 2010 masters cycling team YAHOO MASTERS CYCLING TEAM has seen Pat Briggs take 4 first place finishes, 8 top 10s. Pat Briggs has helped YAHOO MASTERS CYCLING TEAM win NCNCA Best All Around Team and helped his YAHOO MASTERS CYCLING TEAMMATES take 2nd and 3rd place in the Best All Around Rider district competition”

And thus, let the bidding war begin — you only have one week to get your own piece of cycling history.

6 responses to “Look What I Found

  1. What price, dignity?

  2. Phil got 1st in the BAR, based on the end date in the rules. Just for the record…

  3. Katharine Edmonson

    Oh rats! Briggs trading card is already up to $4.95 – way past my budget!

  4. great stuff!

  5. Lets keep all comments about the awesome trading card, m’kay?

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