JLD: It’s Back

Jessica Layman Day is weird. I’ve mentioned this fact before, but it’s become increasingly weird as time has passed.

JLD reaches a totally new level of weird today, primarily because the following photographs were provided to me by none other than Jessica’s mother…for the sole purpose of being used for JLD. What a cool mom.

However weird, JLD has a cult following so I’ll appease the masses yet again.

For me, the racing season is over; hence, the season of Jessica Layman photographs in cycling kit are over as well. For now, I present to you “Off-season Jes.”

By the way, this is what “Off-season Jes” does during the off-season: she hucks a kayak off a fifteen-foot waterfall. No big deal…oh wait, yes it is.

Jessica Layman day has become such a big deal, even Pippo Pozzato has begun celebrating with a commemorative, vaguely Shakespearean facial hair combo.

Hell, even Robbie McEwen is celebrating JLD by signing with Fly V Australia, presumably because it will bring him closer to ‘dem hot b*&ches in America…J-Lay included.

That’s about it for the JLD festivities. However, I ran across this little “convo” on Twitter yesterday and figured I should share it with you before I retire for the evening.

Oh please…they aren’t going to split shit. We all know the Yahoo? team management is gonna take the entirety of Mooney’s prize check and use it to buy a new tracksuit for itself.

Oh, snap. On that note, later y’all.

2 responses to “JLD: It’s Back

  1. Whats up Jessica? Good to see your still killing it in sports! Keep it up beautiful!

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