It’s Catching On

A box adorned with the following packing slip was delivered to my house yesterday.

It’s good to know I’m the contact person for the JLFCoA; until now, I was unaware of my appointment.

Now it’s time for some gratuitous narcissism courtesy of Veronika Lenzi.

Sponsors, this one’s for you:

Thanks for your support!

7 responses to “It’s Catching On

  1. davidjamesmayer

    what was in the box!?! :)

  2. You need a better winning salute. It’s all wrong with the 1 leg straight down. You’re a cat 1, act like it you poof.

    • Pretty sure you didn’t salute at ALL in the last race you won. You remember, that race I let you win? That’s not super Cat 1…

      • Not a good idea to salute in the crosswinds young Skywalker. But just for you I will ghost ride my bike across the line next win, ok? The bike will continue on to my car & load itself in preparation for the trip home after swinging by & collecting my prize money first. This is all done out of respect.

        That is Cat 1.

  3. This has nothing to do with the current post but refers to old posts that I got sucked into reading after unintentionally discovering your most excellent blog….I’m sure this has been said one thousand times and now #1001…you are hilarious and witty and fast and cute and smart and should not be intimidated by women. That is Counterintuitive Reality?

    • I’m going to pretend as if this is a legitimate comment — part of me hopes that it is — and say thank you. Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

      However, since people rarely say nice things about me…I’m gonna secretly assume this is someone I know messing with me. God knows people love doing THAT.

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