It’s Friday, which means it’s also Jessica Layman day. Now, I’m 100% sober at the time of posting (which was not the case previously), and the creepiness of posting these photographs on the internet is not lost on me. In fact, being a scientist, I took the liberty of plotting the creepiness of posting random photographs of Jes on the internet as a function of the number of beers I’ve had.

However, I can’t end Jessica Layman Day after only one week, so here you go.

I bet stock in Metromint water just doubled.

In celebration of JLD, a fellow midafternoon beer drinking friend and I took the liberty of taste-testing both canned and bottled Boont Amber Ale from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

We both agreed that this beer — one of my all-time favorites — is good no matter its packaging. Especially in the middle of the day. In a park. Don’t tell anyone.

Now, life as a midday beer drinker/creepy photograph poster is not all roses and sunshine, so I don’t recommend you follow my career path. Apparently living this way leads one to become an “angry koala bear,” as I’m known amongst a subset of my friends. Here’s an example:

That’s me gesturing wildly and angrily during last weekend’s Timpani Criterium — at both my break mates and at my teammate Joel. Pat Briggs, directly behind me in that photograph, is the rider from whom I learned how to be a wild gesticulator/yeller. Frankly, it’s just not a real bike race unless I get yelled at by Pat for something; I hope I made him proud last weekend. When I’m that old, I hope I have that much spunk left.

Before I go, I’d like to point out that the legendary Mike Hernandez seems to have announced his retirement from cycleblogging.

With a little bit of work, I hope I might be able to fill the void left behind by Mike’s departure. If you read this site and enjoy it, spread the word.

3 responses to “TGIJLD

  1. you said spunk

  2. you look very italian with that gesture

  3. The day you quit racing is the day i’ll have nothing to yell about anymore. I’m never gonna let you live down San Rafael btw. RandMiller move of the year. … & then he gets rewarded in the media by riding off the front? pffft.

    I can’t wait for a good weekend of yelling.

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