My New Weekly Feature

I have received a complaint that I “out-geeked” myself with my previous post; as a PhD student in chemistry, I find that comment both hard to believe and scary as shit. I’m a huge geek. So geeky, in fact, that I’m going to try a new experiment. In order to counteract my own self-destructive, geeky blog habits, I’m implementing a new weekly feature: Jessica Layman Day.

Each Friday I’ll be posting a large-format photograph of my friend Jessica Layman to this blog, starting with today. Think about it: what kind of person (particularly those of you from the demographic that gravitates to dorky cycling blogs) doesn’t appreciate a good-looking female cyclist?

I’m obviously doing you a favor by providing you with entertainment; I’m also doing Jes a favor by publicizing her pictures (the district is in need of a replacement for Liz Hatch) and I’m certain my blog’s readership will increase with weekly images like the one above. It’s a win-win-win situation…FTW. [God, I love butchering internet memes. Lollercoaster!]

Is Jessica dating my friend Justin? Yes. Do I give a damn? No. Blog statistics outweigh friendships; I’m sure he’s familiar with that rule.

P.S. Ladies, I’ll throw you a bone now and again. Maybe Thursday will become Pippo Pozzato Day. Probably not, though…

2 responses to “My New Weekly Feature

  1. I’m sure Jeska would appreciate being compared to Liz. Kiss that friendship goodbye…

    While your on the topic of leg oils, you’ve been known to slather that crap on (San Rafael most recently) unless it was left over from a night at the dungeon. pheh.

  2. Hey ” sluggo!” – I heard leg oil makes you smarter and more slippery (among, uh, er, its obvious other benefits). I guess it also helps your grammar when you’re attempting it, but ‘whatevs’!

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