“Antisocial Bike Racer” is Redundant

Here is an action shot from Sunday’s Butterfly Criterium, randomly selected from Jessica Layman’s fine photograph collection (which she doesn’t frequently post on a public site like Flickr, though she ought).

By “randomly selected,” I mean that I specifically chose that image because it exemplifies my teammate Justin Fraga and his typically on-the-edge, I’m-about-to-crash-in-your-face style. This photo has nothing to do with the remainder of this post, I just wanted to show you what the limit of adhesion looks like.

A few days ago, Chris Stasny (a Cal Giant rider who does not look like a naked mole-rat) left a comment on this blog that reminded me how badly I have failed to cultivate a presence on social networking sites. I think it’s due to the fact that I’m not particularly “clicky” when I play on the internet — I don’t randomly click on “Friend Suggestions,” for example — because I’m a very focused internet stalker/searcher. I know what I’m looking for, and don’t have time for arbitrary suggestions.

In addition, contrary to what my often loud, over-the-top behavior suggests, I’m actually cripplingly shy. Just the thought of clicking “Add So-and-so as a Friend” or “Follow So-and-so” makes me fear rejection, so I often don’t bother. If I’ve ever “friended” you, it probably means that I really like you (or that I really, really want to stalk you).

However, as this blog has grown and I’ve become more comfortable with my internet personality (I’m pretty sure it’s better than my real one), I’ve decided to become a better social networker. If you want to find me, I’m on Twitter (randmmiller) and Facebook (look for the Rand Miller with the cycling profile photo). I’m also on that awesome new social networking site — http://www.GettheF*&kOffYourComputerandMeetMeinRealLife.com — so you can find me there as well.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for Beth Newell to respond to my response to her request. All this blog-bantering feels like a Jane Austen novel: we each write a heartfelt note, then wait with bated breath for the equally heartfelt response several weeks later. It’s dramatic and intriguing, certainly, but at a snail’s pace. In the meantime, we go to balls, partake of tea, ride in badass carriages, and frolic about mansions in the countryside (at least, that’s what I do).

Jane Austen (Adapted from Jessica Layman’s Facebook Album)

Speaking of drama, anonymous guest-blogger Hellyer has thrown his full-fingered gauntlet into the mix. Not content to insult my manhood like most people, Hellyer has threatened to revoke the beer-drinking privileges of the greater bike racing community unless I concede to his demands. Isn’t that terrorism? It certainly sounds un-American to me. Anyway, this is yet another example of why I hate anonymous bloggers. I bet “Hellyer” is an overweight Masters racer who can’t keep his white bartape clean, so I don’t have to answer to him.

Until I hear from Beth, I’m going to continue with my plans to race the District ITT Championships on Sunday morning.

10 responses to ““Antisocial Bike Racer” is Redundant

  1. davidjamesmayer

    another funny post! That butterfly crit was awesome, huh? Perfect course, I thought. Too bad they couldn’t have it this weekend instead of last, its a bummer that this is one of the few weekends I can race and there is nothing going on.

    If you ever need something to write about you should consider posting about your training. I think all the cat >1 groupies would be interested to hear you what type of training you do (eg time, length, duration, type) during your season to structure you crit training. Probably a different type of topic and feel than you’d usually cover but it would definitely be interesting. Either way, keep it up!

    • You’d be surprised at how uninteresting my “training routine” is. It consists of mostly beer repeats, frankly.

      I couldn’t make it to Butterfly, actually…too busy chasing people around on TT bikes.

  2. Naked Mole Rat

    Damn Rand, I wonder if you thesis will be tis entertaining! Another good one.

    I don’t want to hear about your training though….

  3. hint, if you’re “on” twitter, you should probably tweet something at least once.

    • Oh Lorri [head shake]. You’ve been following my primary account, @randmmiller, for quite some time. You just requested to follow my inactive @randmiller account, which I own for no apparent reason.

      If you really want the full menage a trois, you can follow @mandriller, a remarkably simple (yet ridiculously hilarious) rearrangement of my name. That account is owned by my flamingly gay alter-ego.

  4. brian peterson

    I know for a fact that “Hellyer” can’t keep their white bar tape clean.

  5. Here you go, Rand. If you went to cooler races, I’d probably take more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25300503@N04/sets/72157624137390757/

    • Bout time. I still don’t know why you didn’t show up at the ITT to take pictures of that instead of closeups of Justin’s leg.

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