Bad Break

This is what happens when the final corner of a high-profile, downtown criterium is devoid of haybales on poles, trees, and parking meters.

That, my friends, is an illicit copy of Fabrice Dubost’s femur x-ray. The image was taken following his late-race, stupidity-driven wreck at the Sacramento Grand Prix, held this Sunday afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, Fabrice is an unbelievably talented rider, a good friend of mine, and a Webcor teammate. His season is now over.

I appreciate everything the promoters of this race were attempting to achieve — the grandeur, the fanfare, the spectacle — but in my opinion, several bad decisions were made without full consideration of the repercussions. Sadly, the end result was a severe injury to one of the district’s top riders. While the ridiculous field size — upwards of 170 riders, some with very questionable experience — was concerning enough, the true oversight was the lack of padding around the immobile objects littering the course perimeter.

Now, it’s not really my place to be pointing fingers or ascribing blame any more than I already have, because we all know that bike racing can result in grievous injuries; hell, we all agreed to race the event, in spite of the imminent danger. I can only hope that this unfortunate injury will be a shocking reminder of how perilous our sport can be. It’s not a game, my friends.

In the end, I’d like this post to become a depository for “get well wishes,” as well as a place where I can update those of you who know and care for Fabrice about his progress.

To date, Fabrice has undergone several rounds of surgery to fix his mangled femur, and will remain hospitalized for a couple of days.

If you’d like to send your well-wishes to Fabrice, please leave a comment below; I’ll forward the post to Fabrice so that — when he’s recovered — he can read the notes from his friends and fans.

20 responses to “Bad Break

  1. Fabrice, I’m so sorry, you will be missed out there. I hope your recovery is quick and that we’ll see you on that bike again very very soon!

    My thoughts are with you!

  2. Frenchy,
    Your soul crushing and cool persona will be missed on the team and in the peloton. I wish you a swift recovery and hope to see you back in a race soon!
    – Billy

  3. Fab- I wish that wishing you well could fix this mess. We are all on your side. You always race smart and strong and a lack of preparation by organizers should never result in this much turmoil.

    stay strong mentally, that is my best advice. the body will take care of itself.

  4. fabrice,
    I am sooo sorry and saddened to learn of your crash and resulting horrible injury. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping your leg will recover ASAP! Rest and get better!

  5. brian peterson

    Fabrice – I’m really sorry to hear about your injury. The races around here will miss your presence the rest of the season. Heal quickly!

  6. The wednesday ride awaits your return and isn’t nearly the same without your big ring antics. Get well soon.

  7. Fabrice – Holy shit! I am truly sorry…I have enjoyed riding countless miles with you on Weds, sometimes lucky enough to be along side of you but usually just appreciating your incredible athletic ability from the back of the pack. I only hope that you will heal quick enough so that we can ride together again before you head back to France. If you or your wife need anything, please call. Dean.

  8. Fabrice,
    Andi and I were horrified to hear of your crash. We both wish you a complete recovery. Stay strong, but patient and let your body heal.

  9. That really blows! I hope you are back to 100% in no time Fabrice.

  10. Fabrice!!
    Hope you heal up real quick and that your back on the bike in no time!

  11. Matthew Beebe

    Fabrice… hang in there! Hope it heals quickly…

  12. Hi Fabrice,
    I was very sorry to learn of your misfortune. Believe it or not my almost 60 year old father recovered quite quickly from a similar injury. If anyone can defeat the odds and heal quickly it is you with your insane talents of recovery!

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    best wishes,

  13. Fabrice, my dude

    I’m super sorry to hear about how bad you ended up. Its a good thing you’re a tough bastard, hopefully you’ll be back to speed in no time, crushing as usual.

    On another note, I thought all terminators had metal skeletons, you really need to talk to your handlers about this oversight.

    Get well man


  14. Fab, Fab Fabrice,

    I was crushed when I heard of your crash from Bruce. A femur break is terrible luck for a non-Masters rider.

    I hope you fully recover and continue your winning ways in races and life.

    – Peter

    ps: Successful racers who came back from a femur break: Linda Elgart, Jim Turner, Kevin Susco, Kevin Klein.

  15. dear my favorite frenchy,

    please get well soon so that i can do coffee ride with you to the coast soon.
    me, myself and i and of course the whole dave stahl’s wednesday ride crew will be missing you so much…

    it has been raining for a couple of days straight since you got hurt.
    all i can think of is your signature “it’s like a summer in normandie!” with frenchy accent and smirk on your face.

    get well better than ever soon!


  16. Fabrice, it makes me very sad to hear of your bad news. You are a tough champion and I hope you heal fast and Anne lise feeds you lots of custard and milk to mend you bones and put a smile on tour face.
    Get well dear friend. Jono

  17. Fabrice,

    Je t’envoie mes meilleures esperes….oh crap, I’ll say it in English. This sucks, mon ami. You’ll be sorely missed for your ass-kicking-while-smiling persona(and for coming back down the hill to pick up us snails….). Seriously, I’m really sorry about the accident. You will heal quickly, I’m sure.

    Get well soon,


  18. Fabrice,

    I don’t think we’ve ever actually spoken, and this is possibly the worst means of conversation initiation, but I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am this happened. Totally sucks. It does.

    Like those before me said, stay mentally strong. The body will heal itself, and in no time you’ll be back to your champion’s form.

    All my best,
    Chris Turner

  19. Fabrice,

    I’m so sorry for this terrible luck. You should be riding the Tour of California, not stuck with us idiots in some silly criterium. I read a good article recently about Jens Voigt coming back from his crash in the tour last year. I think if there is anyone out there who can recover faster, come back stronger, and make Jens Voigt look like a little sissy-girl its you.

    You are one of the most talented riders I know, and I’m sure you’ll be back on the bike blasting up climbs in the big ring and putting the hurt on the rest of us in no time at all.

    Heal well and quickly,


  20. Laurent Fignon

    heal well my friend, you’re the most talented rider after me.
    Moi aussi j’ai eu de belles blessures de guerre et je suis toujours au top,le number one!
    Gueris vite j’ai besoin d’un challenger pour me defier

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