I’ve been called out on Facebook. It seems I can no longer wallow around in the world of poorly-attended, flat criteriums.

Was I just called a testicle? I don’t know what that means, nor do I understand why people “like” this; does that mean they like the fact that I am going to race Berkeley Hills, or that they like the fact that I was just called a testicle? Also, what the hell, Nils?

I don’t know if I should be offended by the name-calling, frightened by the prospect of racing a hilly road race, or disturbed that anyone gives a damn where I’m racing. Presently, I’m going with the middle one: frightened. And yes, that means I’m going.

In other news, if you’re interested, two more race reports (Apple Pie and Pacific Grove) have been filed in my Race Reports page. When I started posting those reports, I assumed I’d have better material…or at least more of it. As the French say, “Le Sigh.”

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