The Definition of Cool

It ain’t often that you experience the epitome of awesomeness; I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing it twice in one evening.

Exhibit A: Pink Radars with Greenish Lenses on This Guy

With the right pair of sunglasses and a proper game face, you too could be this kind of badass. What you can’t see are the white Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon Vernice shoes on his feet, paired with the new 2010 Webcor socks. What was a ten on the awesome scale just became an eleven.

Exhibit B: The Tuesday Night Twilight Crits

Put by the legenday Ronnie Lenzi and co., this weekly event is exactly what bike racing should be: tons of fun, inexpensive, and well-run. Technical criteriums make me happy, and this may be the most technical criterium on the planet.

Believe me, that map fails to do the course justice, because it omits the numerous speed bumps, drainage ditches and elevation changes that are present in reality. This race is truly one-of-a-kind, and was aptly described as “a bmx race on road bikes.”

Before I take my leave for the evening, I’ll share a quick story. I was sitting near Billy and Ronnie, listening to Ronnie describe the first time she met him. “You looked like such a badass, I mean you just looked mean and focused, like you were gonna kick some serious ass!” she exclaimed. Billy was obviously proud of himself and his outward appearances. “OK, what was your first impression of me Ronnie?” I asked, curious to see how I compared to Mr. Pink Glasses. Without a moment’s hesitation, Ronnie said, “Momma’s Boy.”

Well, that’s just great.

4 responses to “The Definition of Cool

  1. It’s the flowing locks Randall J.

  2. Nobody expects it from the momma’s boys, though. That’s to your advantage…

  3. It seems you all concur with the momma’s boy categorization, then. Bummer.

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