Tie Game — Science: 1, Cycling: 1

Science failed me today. Everything I touched, at least for the first half of the day, became a worthless pile of ugly, uninterpretable nonsense. As described by The Real Scientific Method–which has little to do with testing hypotheses and much more to do with fixing things you’ve f*&ked up–I spent the majority of the afternoon/evening repeating everything I had done this morning in order to salvage some data.

This is one of those times when I’m supposed to be grumpy about graduate school, but for some reason…I’m not. I suppose it could have something to do with the short but amazing ride I took at around 7pm.

Bay Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge:

And that pretty much wraps it up for my photographic tour of San Francisco suspension bridges, folks.

Here’s a quick shout-out to my miniature Australian friend Jono, who hooked me up with a sweet pair of Fly V Australia team socks. (Note the blistering speed at which those Williams 30x wheels are spinning, by the way; the wheels are hot, but the lime green tires…questionable.)

These socks, being one of the newest, cleanest pairs in my drawer, are reserved for sunny, easy-spin days like today. Nothing says “I’m a badass” like a piece of non-matching, sparkling white, Australian team kit on a sunny day. It’s true…look it up in the rulebook.

Alas, as the sun set and darkness crept across the streets of San Francisco, I was forced to head back to the world of science.

Sadly, I don’t think the cold room cares about my awesome Fly V Australia socks very much.

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