A New Record

Today marks my fifth consecutive day of riding, offering a glimpse of hope for my cycling career. Until this week, my training consisted of fewer than two days of riding during the week and two days of racing. Assuming I can sneak a ride in tomorrow and a race on Sunday, I’ll have ridden every day this week. That’s a new record for the season.

The combination of my new bike, the beautiful weather, the resurgence of the Port Ride and Valley Ride, and the fact that I’m becoming self-conscious about my flabby legs has been very motivational. Let’s hope I can maintain this momentum for a while!

Speaking of motivation, I’ve come to realize that I don’t enjoy riding anymore. Anytime I manage to sneak out for a ride, I spend the entire time worrying about the experiments I could be running in lab. I rarely have enough time to take a real ride ( > 2-3 hours), so cycling has lost the adventurous appeal it once had. The only thing keeping me on the bike these days is my love of racing; cycling has become nothing more than the medium I use to exercise my competitive spirit.

However, that seems to have changed this week. I’ve been happily spinning around the city late into the evenings, enjoying the feel of the summery air on my warmer-less arms. Each day this week, I was on my bike as the San Francisco skyline reflected the last rays of sunlight.

I even ended one ride with a relaxing snack in Dolores Park on an unbelievably warm, calm, clear evening. I’m almost certain this is what heaven looks like.

Want to hear something astounding? I still did some good science this week. Riding and science are both going well, and that makes me a happy graduate student.

On that note, I’m off to eat some ice cream.

P.S. Good luck to all my friends and teammates racing in San Dimas. I’m sad I can’t be racing with you, so please tell me how it’s going so I can live vicariously through your successes (or failures…I like reading about those too).

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