Epic Fails

I came across a few things on the internet (and in real life) today that I think are bad. Bad and entertaining.

1. Sunglasses Fail

Come on, Phinney. Just because you’re fast as balls doesn’t mean you can put one white and one yellow jawbone on your Jawbones. It looks like you got punched in the eye by a Livestrong bracelet. Assymmetric cycling gear hasn’t been cool since Steve Larsen rode non-matching left- and right-foot Carnac shoes on the NORBA circuit, and it wasn’t actually cool back then.

Speaking of assymmetry, what the hell is this?

2. Front Wheel Fail

There’s nothing acceptable about riding a deeper wheel on the front than the rear. I don’t care how cool the front wheel is, or how fast you are. Just don’t do it, please.

I haven’t seen a “front wheel fail” that bad since the Mavic R-Sys.

That joke was in poor taste. My apologies, especially to the poor shmuck shown above.

Finally, here’s my co-worker and his ridiculous new moustache.

3. Moustache Fail

Everyone in my lab knew this was coming, because he began growing a full beard a few weeks ago; However, he chose to shave it into an absurd moustache the same morning that a new Post-doc candidate came to visit. Nice move, child molester.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope I have better things to blog about later.

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