Additional Complexity

After months of lackadaisical blogging about useless topics, I sat down this evening and attempted to complete one of my original blogging goals: the Race Report Page.

Yes, I have actually managed to copy–and paste, of course–my race reports from various email threads, websites, and online forums into my own blog; say whatever you wish, but it feels like quite a feat to me. As you may know, the Alto Velo team requires the top-placed rider from each race to write a report, including a detailed description of how the event proceeded. Naturally, most riders treat this duty as a chore, as did I for quite some time; however, in the middle of the 2009 season I decided that I would try to enjoy the task. The result is an eclectic collection of my thoughts, loosely tied together by date and relevance, and I pray they provide some entertainment.

If you’ve absolutely nothing better to do with your time, head on over to the Race Reports Page and peruse the 2009 reports; within a few days, I hope to start adding additional reports from earlier, less cynical times in my cycling career.

On a completely cynicism-free note, I’d like to share a happy and utterly unrelated image with you.

The 2009 World Champion of chocolate chip cookies made a brief appearance in my office last Wednesday, courtesy of Veronika “Ronnie” Lenzi. I’ve included a 15″ Macbook Pro for scale, as always. Anyway, Ronnie is one of the most friendly people within twenty miles of a bike race, and I’d highly recommend chatting with her if you get the chance. She’s a great friend, a great photographer, and judging by the size, shape, taste, and overall perfection of that cookie, a great baker. Thanks Ronnie!

Hey Cadel…that cookie is better than you’ll ever be.


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