Something Ain’t Right

My yearning for singletrack and knobby tires is back.

I’m not sure what prompted the change, but my desire to ride mountain bikes has returned suddenly and catastrophically, like a tsunami. Starting a week ago, emotions I haven’t felt in over four years began churning inside me: the joy of elegantly clearing a technical descent, the thrill of two-wheel drifting through marbles, and the lighthearted atmosphere surrounding a casual mountain bike ride with friends.

Why is it such a surprise that I feel a sudden urge to pedal a heavy 26″-wheeled contraption around on unpaved ground? After all, a lot of road racers take to the less cultivated terrain this time of year.

The reason this urge comes as a surprise is because I’ve despised mountain bikes for a very long time.

I haven’t the time nor the energy right now to explain the root of my loathing; for that story you must wait until tomorrow. I’m too busy admiring a sexy new bicycle that’s sitting in my living room.

You see, I’ve borrowed a friend’s Cannondale Rize, a plush, five-inch-travel contraption that would have passed for a downhill bike in 2003, but weighs only 24 pounds. It’s the “hot girlfriend that cooks and cleans” of the mountain bike world, and it certainly looks like fun.


Tomorrow morning, I’m heading out for my first mountain bike ride since my sophomore year in college. I anticipate awesomeness, but regardless of the outcome, you can expect a ride update sometime tomorrow evening.

As a side note, this morning marked the end of my hiatus from the road bike. My dad drove down from Chico, I awoke my hibernating Giant, and together we headed out for a mellow three hour ride. In true hypocritical fashion, I busted out a camera phone while riding on the Golden Gate Bridge in order to snap a quick photograph of my dad–behind me in the yellow vest–crossing a National Monument in vel0*. However, judging by my facial expression, I was intently focused on safely navigating the bridge, not on taking sharp photographs; therefore, I’m not a complete hypocrite.


It was a great ride, the weather was cool but enjoyable, and my dad handled the intense big-city riding with much aplomb. Not a bad day in my book, and I’ve still got another adventure in store tomorrow!

*Yes, I’m a nerd: in vitro, in vivo, in velo…get it? Don’t judge me.

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