Whiners suck, even if they’re really good.

I love a good attack.

In fact, it’s my favorite part of bike racing. I don’t enjoy watching bunch sprints any more than I enjoy participating in them, but watching the winning attack in a bike race is captivating. Sure, they happen infrequently, but when a truly brilliant attack is launched, it makes the previous five hours of race coverage worthwhile.

That said, I simply can’t get pumped up about Cadel Evans’ Worlds victory in spite of his bold solo move. Why?

1. YouTube videos of Cadel Evans headbutting and slapping reporters, mostly for entertainment.

2. Cadel Evans proclaiming that he “lost the Vuelta” halfway through because the neutral mechanics couldn’t put the wheel in. If they were so incompetent, why didn’t he put the wheel in himself?

“I punctured and two neutral mechanics couldn’t change the wheel. They couldn’t get the wheel in. The media and the photographers blocked the road, and the team car couldn’t come through, so I was stranded. The job of neutral assistance is to offer assistance. It probably cost me the win of the Vuelta.” -Velonews

3. Cadel Evans’ post-Worlds interview quotes, featuring a load of bitterness and a conspicuous lack of thankfulness.

“This is for all the critics I’ve had this season,” Evans said. “I have seven worlds medals from mountain biking at home, but none of them are gold. People say I never win, but today I won something pretty big.” -Velonews

I understand letting a few stupid comments slip during heated times–after all, I’ve made my fair share of stupid remarks–but the consistent whining from this guy really bums me out. Even more of a bummer is a man who can’t enjoy being the best in the world long enough to stop blaming everyone else for his problems. It certainly makes it difficult to respect him.

Instead, I respect the Spaniards that worked for their less well-known teammate, putting their faith in his abilities instead of chasing him down. Professionalism still lives, even if it doesn’t always win.

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