Race Reports

Herein lies a collection of race reports from my cycling career. Originally inspired by a mandate from my team management, these reports have become an almost-enjoyable, meditative experience for me.


- Golden State Circuit Race (5th)

- Modesto Criterium (2nd)

- PG&E Criterium (3rd)

- UCSC Pacific Grove Criterium (1st)

- Apple Pie Criterium (5th)

- Hippstar Menlo Park Grand Prix (2nd)

- Land Park Criterium (1st)

- Merced Criterium (7th)


- Chico Downtown Criterium (2nd)

- Suisun Harbor Criterium (1st)

- Dunnigan Hills Road Race (3rd)

- Albany Criterium (8th)

- Watsonville Criterium (2nd)

- Lodi Criterium (5th)

- Benicia Criterium (9th)

- 2-Wheel Criterium (1st)

- ICCC Dash for Cash (3rd)

- Joseph Mendes Criterium (5th)

- Modesto Criterium (8th)

- Cal Aggie Criterium (4th)

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